How we can help

Our Bereavement Support Coordinator oversees all bereavement support opportunities and will meet with you to discuss your situation and how we can assist.

At the Geographe Bay Centre, we provide a neutral and confidential place for support sessions, where our volunteers listen with deep understanding and will respond in a supportive and non – judgmental way. Our volunteers are able to listen to strong emotions, validate that grief is a normal response to loss and support you in understanding the grief process.

Bereavement support
Grieving is a natural response to loss but bereavement can be a confusing and lonely experience.
Our bereavement support program is designed to offer a place for people to turn to when they are grieving.
Our service provides ongoing support in a safe and caring space through our Bereavement Support Coordinator and trained bereavement support volunteers.
An alternative for grief and bereavement support pertaining to Australian Indigenous community members may be obtained through the HealthInfoNet 

Next Steps – How to access this service

We appreciate that taking the first step to seek support requires courage. However, we encourage you to contact us and trust us to respect you for your courage. 

To find out more about how we can support you, please contact us

We will arrange a time to meet with you to discuss how we can support you.

I wasn’t prepared for the utter emotional, physical and mental roller coaster that came with my grief – the anger, the guilt, the fear, confusion, physical exhaustion and devastation. This centre has been my ‘safe place’. It has been invaluable to me to express myself to others who showed no judgement and who understood.

Busselton Hospice Care Inc Bereavement Client
Annual Community Remembrance Service

Annual Community Remembrance Service

Busselton Hospice Care Inc. is proud to partner with William Barrett and Sons to extend a warm and open invitation to anyone in our community who would like to join us in remembering those who we’ve lost and those from whom we’re currently separated.

This non-religious service commences at 6.30pm at Bantry Chapel, 105 Bussell Highway, Busselton on the last Sunday of November each year.

Come, light a candle, for your loved one and know you are safe, supported, and uplifted by your community during the difficult journey of grief and loss.

Everyone who attends is welcome to stay for a light supper after the service.

For more information please call us at Busselton Hospice Care Inc.’s on 9751 1642 or email

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