Compassionate Community Cultivation

Volunteering is firmly embedded in the culture of hospice and palliative care. Volunteers are considered an integral part of the end of life team because of their role in providing a connection to an individual’s community. As well as enhancing the social, emotional and spiritual dimension of the end of life experience within the health service provision, volunteers can normalise death, dying and bereavement, help to mobilise local support networks and develop a community’s overall resilience in supporting each other at this time.

Dying, death, grief and loss are inseparable to our community experience. Engaging and training volunteers is a direct expression that our community cares enough to learn how to walk alongside and support people through these difficult times and conversations.

This is the basis of our philosophy and approach in supporting the development of a ‘compassionate community’ where citizens are encouraged to be knowledgeable and informed about death, dying, loss and care and adapt their practices and behaviours to meet needs that they encounter in their everyday lives.

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How you can help as a volunteer

Bereavement Support

Bereavement Support Service at the Geographe Bay Centre

Bereavement Support

Complementary Therapy Service at the Geographe Bay Centre

The Hospice Unit within the Busselton Health Campus

The Hospice Unit within the Busselton Health Campus

Bereavement Support

Home visiting volunteer service

Gardening and general maintenance of the Geographe Bay Centre

Gardening and general maintenance of the Geographe Bay Centre

Administration Support

Administration support

Promotion and fundraising

Promotion and fundraising

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What our volunteers are saying

I love volunteering and meeting people, especially those in hospice as they need care, compassion and support. I find it very humbling and enriching to be able to support the patient and family.



Thinking I could maybe arrange the flowers and make a cup of tea turned into a life changing experience of helping people in the last phase of their journey. This was a privilege and something I will always be proud of.



Volunteering has given me skills which are a gift I can extend to anyone in need in the wider community. My time as a volunteer here has helped me feel comfortable doing so.


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