there is a saying

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

Professor Allan Kellehear in his book “Compassionate Communities (1)” states that caring for one another at times of crisis and loss is not only a task for professional services but a time when we should acknowledge that it is everyone’s responsibility.
Busselton Hospice Care Inc. recognise that all natural cycles of sickness, health, birth, death, love and loss occur every day. We also believe that death, dying, loss, grief and bereavement is everyone’s responsibility.
We are committed to strengthening our community member’s skills and knowledge in these difficult areas so as to increase individuals confidence in how to support friends, family members and neighbours before, during and after a death.  In building confidence in this way, people learn how to care for one another at end of life, to share this with others and build a more compassionate community.

(1) Kellehear, A. (2005). Compassionate Cities – Public Health and End of Life. Routledge, Oxfordshire, UK.

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