For Dunsborough locals Robin and Geoff, finding out about Busselton Hospice Care Inc. (BHCI) and the services available to them, has been a journey.

After Geoff’s Motor Neuron Disease diagnosis, a friend told Robin about BHCI’s complementary therapy services at the Geographe Bay Centre, however she was hesitant to go. Then after a further referral from the Palliative Care team, Robin decided to find out more.

“I had an appointment before Christmas to have reiki and then I chickened out,” she said.

“Then after Christmas I made another appointment and I went with Geoff.”

“On the first day I couldn’t stop crying. I really didn’t want to be there and it was overwhelming. Then I had the treatment, some reflexology on my feet, and it was brilliant.”

“The volunteers are such gentle people, so calming and it was beautiful to be in their presence.”

“Geoff has had three massages, which he had never had before on his shoulder, which has been quite painful and it has really benefited.”

“The first time I went there, I was just expecting the hospice beds in a hospital setting, but its so much more than that.”

“The Geographe Bay Centre is such a lovely place with the garden and being close to the beach. It’s very special.”

“My message to anyone thinking about accessing the BHCI services would be, don’t be put off. It’s such an important service for people going through what we are going through and we have benefited so much from it. I was very hesitant going at first because it makes it real, but anyone who needs the support should be encouraged to go because it is very caring and supportive and gentle and kind and loving and all of the good stuff that you really need.”

“I think most people are totally unaware that these incredible services exist in our local area and so getting the message out that they are there for people is really important.” “I also want to encourage the local community to support the BHCI Go Blue for June campaign. It is so important that people know that the community needs to help to fundraise to keep these services in our community. The community needs to get behind the Hospice and support them now, when they need it. With all the good work that has been done over so man years we cannot lose this amazing community group now.”